The Process

“In 2022, the number of vacancies increased by 52% to a total of 165,000. Starter rate fell 37.3% in 2018 to 30.8% in 2023. Whilst staff are leaving recruitment is falling too”

– Catherine O’Dea-Hughes of Goatacre Manor Care Homes

For UK Sponsors

1. Select the candidate(s) you are interested. Go to the home page and click on Search. Enter your selection criteria and a list of suitable candidates appears online. You can then click on CV, Video and their References for more info to assist your selection.

Some candidates have friends or family already in UK where they can stay for their first 3 months so this could be an important consideration when making your selection.

Use this facility to short list your candidates.

3. If you wish you can interview the candidate from your short list – we will arrange a Google Meet for this purpose.

4. Once selected, send your job offer and we will pass your offer to the candidate(s) for acceptance.

5. Sign a Contact of Services confirming acceptance of the services of Overseas Healthcare Recruitment Ltd.

  • Cost is currently 2,500 GB Pounds less 50% = 1,250 GB Pounds + VAT per candidate you wish to employ. This introductory offer ends 31st October 2023.
  • Those candidates “Ready To Go” can be with you in 4 weeks (TB test + Visa Processing Time).
  • Accommodation assistance given to the candidate where possible

6. On payment of our invoice, you will receive the full details of the candidate for you to issue a Certificate of Sponsorship.

7. Produce the Certificate of Sponsorship and send us the details to give to the applicant.

8. At this stage, we will do our best to sort out accommodation alternatives for your candidate close to your establishment.

9. Candidate arrives with a Health Care Visa and starts working for you.

10. If the candidate proves to be unsatisfactory and is dismissed with 3 months OR if the candidate leaves within 3 months, as long as there has been no abuse of work conditions, let us know and we will see if we can find you a replacement free of charge. No promises but we will do our best.


Who are you interested in

Tell us who you are interested in and start the process to receive the Contract of Services